Duke 30X12X12

Several orders will be needed for us to be able to get them!

If anybody is interested in purchasing these cage traps contact Steve Lee or Mike Townson ASAP so we can have them available to buy and pick up at Fur College. There has to be enough people wanting to get them though. There is a bulk pickup offer for them. If there's not a group amount we will not be able to get them at these rates. Also, any general trapping supplies needed let us know baites, lures ect.

Duke 30X12X12 $45.
Duke 36X15X20 $90.

Steve Lee, FTA Pres: 352-267-5547


Mike Townson, FTA VP: 850-380-1301 

Duke 36X15X20

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The Florida Trappers Association, Inc. is dedicated to protecting our heritage, preserving our lands and promoting our passions.

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Attn: FTA - Groenewold Fur and Wool buyer plans on coming down from Illinois to Perry, GA March 2018 to purchase furs and give immediate payment but, will drive to Valdosta if enough people would bring furs. He is interested in buying wild furs stretched and dried but, beaver and otter can be green(must be kept & delivered frozen). For those who live farther south FL and farther west FL panhandle we can see about meeting up if its too far of a drive to GA. If we do get enough participants this year he may drive farther down here to FL next yr.

Contact me to let me know if you want to sell to him or have questions

Steve Lee, FTA president

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