Welcome to Florida Trappers Association, Inc floridatrapper.org

Welcome to Florida Trappers Association, Inc floridatrapper.org

Welcome to Florida Trappers Association, Inc floridatrapper.orgWelcome to Florida Trappers Association, Inc floridatrapper.org

Our Officers have changed!

 Welcome, our site is undergoing some changes and it may take some time to get everything in order, however our election is over and we have some new officers, see contacts for more details. 


a word from our President, Bob Driscoll

  FTA members and interested parties,  

As the new President of the Florida Trappers Association I look forward to working with all FTA members to accomplish the Mission and Goals of the FTA. Please take a minute to review the Mission and Goals on the FTA website. We have to do a lot of work to meet these Goals. The new officer team plans to provide an agenda to help us meet these objectives. Over the next few months we will be presenting ideas and projects. We look forward to hearing from FTA members on these ideas, plus hearing any suggestion on projects or events we should consider. Please review the events we currently have scheduled for 2020 found under Events.  Questions and suggestions about events are always welcome. Please contact any FTA officer. We will be adding District Directors and assistant Directors as soon as we get commitments. Hopefully by end of next week. We want all FTA members involved with developing a relevant association, protecting our heritage, preserving our lands and wild-life.  Lets have fun with the FTA fellowship. Working together to protect our rights to Hunt, Fish, Trap and enjoy the great outdoors.

Bob Driscoll

FTA President

cell 386-690-1947


About Us

Florida Trappers Association


Founded in 1979

The Florida Trappers Association, Inc. is dedicated to protecting our heritage, preserving our lands and promoting our passions.

We are a nonprofit organization, serving the needs of the Florida Trappers. We are comprised of fur trappers, nuisance trappers, hog trappers, gator trappers and USDA trappers.

We mentor, teach and train outdoor men, women and youth.

We hold an annual rendezvous with the focus on family and fellowship.

We hold annual trapper training seminars to ensure that our members maintain the highest level of education with respect to trapping and predator control. Our efforts help ensure the professionalism within the association and help to educate the general public about trapping Florida. 

Mission and Goals


To Promote the growth of the Florida Trappers Association, Inc.

To promote youth participation and training.

To foster a working relationship with FWC.

To compile and maintain a list of FTA professional qualified trappers.

To be available to the state, public and private sectors.

To hold trapping seminars sanctioned by FTA to promote professionalism and knowledge of trapping throughout our membership.

To maintain a public presence in local and state venues to further educate the public about FTA and trapping.

To preserve and conserve.

Helping our communities


FWC information

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